Love2Dance has 3 open enrollment dance semesters per year: Spring, Summer and Fall. Classes run in 16 week sessions. The Spring semester runs from late January-May with registration in December, the Summer semester runs 8 weeks during June-August with registration in April and the Fall semester is September-January with registration in July. All students are welcome to participate in the performances at the Civic Center in January and May.

Class payments are due every 4 weeks. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that payments are received on time. Monthly statements and invoices will be e-mailed. Late tuition payments will be charged a fee of $25 per month

Class Descriptions

Hip-Hop Commercial style of street dance using popular dance steps and high-energy movement to upbeat hip-hop, R& B & pop music.  It is often a reflection of current pop culture as seen on MTV.
Jazz Popular dance style seen in everything from music videos to Broadway musicals.  Jazz class will broaden your dance repertoire by incorporating technique such as leaps, kicks, jumps & turns with dynamic and energetic choreography.
Little Feet Introductory level course that invites children to explore their love of music and dance through movement exercises, songs and games while increasing awareness of the body through rhythm and creative dance. Designed to give young children a platform for creativity.  Styles of dance include jazz, ballet & hip-hop. 
Tap Dance Introductory level class for Mini (Ages 5-7) and Tap I (Ages 8 and up). Tap II (Ages 9 and up) is for the dancer with some experience. Students will learn technique and terminology in the famous dance style using their feet as percussive instruments.
Acrobatics Acrobatic training is a great way to take your dancing to new heights. It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration. Dance elements from ballet, jazz, and hip-hop will be incorporated to enhance your performance skills and make the crowd say, “wow.” Students will learn new tricks and choreography set to music. This class will perform in the show.
Dance Fusion This class will incorporate Ballet & Jazz technique mixed with different styles of movement & music.  An emphasis will be placed on proper technique and arm/leg placement for leaps, kicks, jumps and turns.  Wear comfortable fitted clothing with hair up and out of the face.  Students may wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes or foot thongs to class.  The instructor will advise you on the preferred shoe for the show.
Musical Theater This class combines dancing, acting, and singing. We will focus on personality and performance
Lyrical Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. This style of dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use a motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer's movements and emotion attempt to show not only the meaning of the music but also tells a story.
Contemporary Contemporary dance tends to be intricate and physical and the dancers change levels and directions quickly and seamlessly. Contemporary dance may deal with abstract concepts, images, or emotional extremes. The movement is more internal showing the dancers' strength, control and quickness of movement.
Sing-Dance-Play A class where you and your child will play musically to varying songs and rhythmic rhymes incorporating fingerplays, movement activities and instrument play. The class is developmentally appropriate for children and is for infants to 5 years of age. This is a fun musical experience that is informal and a change for you to share song, movement and instrument play with your child.
Ballet Technique Instruction on the method and execution of movement of ballet. The techniques found in classical ballet are the framework for many other styles of dance such as jazz. Students will learn about head shoulders and hip alignment, turnout, graceful arms, toe pointing, correct body positions, lines and angles.
Break Pop & Lock Popping is the quick tensing and releasing of muscles in the arms, legs, back, chest and neck creating a pop effect. The movement is done to the beat. Locking involves pauses, wrist rolls, and bounces. Both are part of a breakdancing style that is often accompanied with movement where the dancer appears to move around the floor without using or lifting their legs.
Boys Hip Hop Crew This all boy class will focus on learning street style hip hop and break dancing moves and technique. The class will incorporate the moves with fun hip hop choreography.

Class Attire

Dress code and expectations will be reviewed during the first week of class.  Most students will need kneepads, black jazz pants, and the appropriate shoes.  Please do not buy dance shoes at Payless or Target (they are not made well and do not adjust to the feet).  Jeans are not allowed in dance class.  Students will not be allowed to participate if they that do not adhere to the dress code.  Shoes may be purchased at Love2Dance.

Click Here to purchase student shoes & clothing online.

Hip-Hop, Urban & Break - Wear loose fitting clothing and black dance sneakers or clean tennis shoes that are designated for dance only- no street shoes,  knees should be covered. photo photo photo
photo photo photo
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Jazz- Black jazz pants, fitted shirt or leotard, black jazz shoes, hair must be secure in ponytail. photo photo photo
photo photo photo
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Ballet- Black leotard and tights or fitted shirt with black shorts or a black skirt. Split sole leather ballet shoes must be worn. Hair must be in a secure bun or ponytail at all times. photo photo photo
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Little Feet- Wear comfortable fitted clothing or dance outfits. Must wear tennis shoes or dance shoes. photo photo photo
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Tap- Wear comfortable fitted clothing. All students must have tap shoes. Please secure hair in a pony tail. Tap 1 & II shoes (left photo) photo photo photo
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Acrobatics- Students must wear tight fitted clothing and bare feet. No jewelry, loose shirts or pants will be allowed. Once they are able to perform off the mat they may wear foot thongs. Hair needs to be up in a ponytail. Please do not come on a full stomach. A light snack is best because a heavy/full tummy may hinder movement & cause possible injury.

Dance Fusion- Wear comfortable fitted clothing, hair up and out of face, ballet shoes, jazz shoes or foot thongs.

Musical Theater- Wear comfortable clothing and jazz shoes.

Lyrical/Contemporary- Form fitting attire with footless tights. Students may be required to purchase foot undeez. The instructor will advise on the first day of class.

Observation Policy

Parents may view the first few minutes of class. You are welcome to leave during class time or stay in the waiting area. Student's tend to participate more if a parent is not in sight. Little Feet parent's are are the exception.

Additional Studio Policies

Food, drink & gum chewing is not allowed in the studio.  Students must wear shoes at all times.  Please do not bring electronic valuables such as Ipods or cell phones.  Students are always welcome to use the studio phone to call parents.  Love2Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Negative behavior, rudeness and name-calling will not be tolerated at Love2Dance. Students must remain respectful to all instructors, staff and fellow students at all times. All Lost & Found items will be donated at the end of each month.

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